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Rubber Duck Co.
an imagined lifestyle brand that raises awareness to the refugee crisis and brings people to action through both their ad campaign and clothing.

Nonprofit Design
Lifestyle Design
Protest Design
Social Media Campaign
Motion Design

Design a lifestyle brand with a mission.

People aren’t actively brought to action by the current methods of refugee organizations.


• Designed the Rubber Duck Co. with a mission to bring awareness to the refugee and migrant crisis
• Created a series calls to action through postcards and videos to engage the public in the ongoing refugee crisis. 
• Used a fashion brand to create an ongoing conversation through branding and advertisments
• Used the motifs of the waves and the rubber duck to create varied yet consistent branding

Campaign Advertisment ︎︎︎

Why the rubber duck?

The rubber duck was chosen as a motif because of its ties as a protest symbol. The duck as an animal represents emotion and water energy. It helps navigate intuition and intention. The rubber duck has been blown up and used to represent democracy. In China, it’s been used to protest tanks, and in Brazil, the corrupt administration of President Dilma Rousseff.

Campaign Video Using Audio from the US-Mexico Border︎︎︎

The RDC or Rubber Duck Co. voice is edgy, artsy, and bold. It stands out from different brands that call you to action in their dynamic graphics and overlays. The postcard collection gives the public not only a chance to interact with the brand but also mail their local politian about their feelings of people being forced apart at the border and the ongoing refugee crisis.

Postcard Collection︎︎︎

Social Media Branding︎︎︎

Concepts for Logo Design︎︎︎